Pseudoscorpion Publications for 2007


Updated 3 February, 2008


Aoki, S; Kurosu, U; Sirikajornjaru, W. 2007. A new soldier-producing aphid species, Pseudoregma baenzigeri, sp nov., from northern Thailand. JOURNAL OF INSECT SCIENCE, 7:38

Curcic, BPM; Dimitrijevic, RN. 2007. Roncus travuniensis sp n. (Neobisiidae, Pseudoscorpiones), a troglobitic false scorpion from Bosnia-Herzegovina. BIOLOGIA, 62:84 - 87

Curcic, BPM; Dimitrijevic, RN; Tomic, VT; Mitic, BM. 2007. Neobisium babinzub sp n. and Neobisium tarae sp n. (Neobisiidae, Pseudoscorpiones) from the central Balkan Peninsula (Serbia). BIOLOGIA, 62:78 - 83

Curcic, BPM; Dimitrijevic, RN; Trichas, A; Tomic, VT; Curcic, SB. 2007. A new neobisiid pseudoscorpion species from Crete (Greece), with notes on its morphology, distribution, evolution, and phylogeny. JOURNAL OF NATURAL HISTORY, 41:751 - 769

Ferreira, RL; Prous, X; Martins, RP. 2007. Structure of bat guano communities in a dry Brazilian cave. TROPICAL ZOOLOGY, 20:55 - 74

Francke, OF; Villegas-Guzman, GA. 2006. Symbiotic relationships between pseudoscorpions (arachnida) and packrats (rodentia). JOURNAL OF ARACHNOLOGY, 34:289 - 298

Harvey, MS; Diaz, RB; Muchmore, WB; Gonzalez, AP. 2006. Pseudalbiorix, a new genus of Ideoroncidae (Pseudoscorpiones, Neobisioidea) from Central America. JOURNAL OF ARACHNOLOGY, 34:610 - 626

Harvey, MS; Edward, KL. 2007. A review of the pseudoscorpion genus Ideoblothrus (Pseudoscorpiones, Syarinidae) from western and northern Australia. JOURNAL OF NATURAL HISTORY, 41:445 - 472

Harvey, MS; VoIschenk, ES. 2007. A review of some Australasian Chernetidae: Sundochernes, Troglochernes and a new genus (Pseudoscorpiones). JOURNAL OF ARACHNOLOGY, 35:238 - 277

Harvey, MS; Volschenk, ES. 2007. Systematics of the Gondwanan pseudoscorpion family Hyidae (Pseudoscorpiones : Neobisioidea): new data and a revised phylogenetic hypothesis. INVERTEBRATE SYSTEMATICS, 21:365 - 406

Judson, MLI. 2007. A new and endangered species of the pseudoscorpion genus Lagynochthonius from a cave in Vietnam, with notes on chelal morphology and the composition of the Tyrannochthoniini (Arachnida, Chelonethi, Chthoniidae). ZOOTAXA, 1627:53 - 68

Judson, MLI. 2007. First fossil record of the pseudoscorpion family Pseudochiridiidae (Arachnida, Chelonethi, Cheiridioidea) from Dominican amber. ZOOTAXA, 1393:45 - 51

Kaspari, M; Weiser, M. 2007. The size-grain hypothesis: do macroarthropods see a fractal world?. ECOLOGICAL ENTOMOLOGY, 32:279 - 282

Kristofik, J; Masan, P; Sustek, Z. 2007. Arthropods (Pseudoscorpionidea, Acarina, Coleoptera, Siphonaptera) in nests of the bearded tit (Panurus biarmicus). BIOLOGIA, 62:749 - 755

Moulds, TA; Murphy, N; Adams, M; Reardon, T; Harvey, MS; Jennings, J; Austin, AD. 2007. Phylogeography of cave pseudoscorpions in southern Australia. JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY, 34:951 - 962

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Tizo-Pedroso, E; Del-Claro, K. 2007. Cooperation in the neotropical pseudoscorpion, Paratemnoides nidificator (Balzan, 1888): feeding and dispersal behavior. INSECTES SOCIAUX, 54:124 - 131

Turienzo, P; Di Iorio, O. 2007. Insects found in birds' nests from Argentina. Part I: a bibliographical review, with taxonomical corrections, comments and a hypothetical mechanism of transmission of cimicid bugs. ZOOTAXA, 1561:1 - 52

Vanin, S; Turchetto, M. 2007. Winter activity of spiders and pseudoscorpions in the South-Eastern Alps (Italy). ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 74:31 - 38

Villegas-Guzman, GA; Perez, TM. 2006. A new species of Pachychernes (Pseudoscorpiones, Chernetidae) from Mexico associated with nests of Neotoma micropus (Rodentia, Muridae). JOURNAL OF ARACHNOLOGY, 34:578 - 585